Company and business law

– Day to day legal follow-up of companies: ordinary and extraordinary general meetings, articles of association, transfer of registered office, amendments to the articles of incorporation;

– Creation and transformation of companies;

– Relations between shareholders: shareholder agreement, sale of shares, exit of a shareholder, voting rights;

– Litigation between partners: abuse of majority or minority, appointment of temporary administrator, dismissal of the manager for just cause, judicial dissolution;Compliance with legal obligations applicable to companies (in general and by field of activity);

– Bankruptcy or out-of-court proceedings.

Environmental law & sustainable development

– Renewable energy law;

– Law of water, contaminated sites, polluted soils and waste;

– Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Employment law

– Insights on a particular legal issue: termination of the employment contract, breach of the employment contract;

– Global study of a situation from a legal and more particularly a tax perspective;

– Negotiation with an employee or employer for a settlement;

– Initiation and follow-up of legal proceedings before the Labor Court.

Real estate, construction & urban planning law

– Construction law ;

– Civil and commercial lease law;

– Real estate sale law: claims for hidden defects affecting a building, fraud, the particular case of a sale in the state of future completion;

– Follow-up of preventive or ongoing judicial expert opinions in this area as a whole.

Art market law

– Contracts between artist and gallery owner;

– Estate of artists;

– Purchase and sale of works of art;

– Litigation relating to the sale (resolution and cancellation of sales);

– Copyright issues;

– Assistance with technical expertise.

Intellectual property law

– Applications to the INPI for the protection of intellectual property rights;

– Disputes relating to copyrights, trademarks and patents: conflict with third parties over precedence, etc.

Commercial contracts & business law

– Drafting of contracts: sales agent, sales representative, broker;

– Drafting of general terms and conditions of sales, purchases or services;

– Litigation concerning the termination indemnity;

– Litigation concerning the sudden termination of established commercial relations;

– Litigation concerning the sudden termination of negotiations;

– Distribution litigation;

– Consumer litigation;

– Unfair competition litigation.

White collar crime

– Business criminal law (stricto sensu): breach of trust, abuse of corporate assets, fraud, money laundering;

– Financial market criminal law: insider trading, dissemination of false or misleading information and price manipulation;

– Tax criminal law: home visits, tax fraud, tax fraud, tax fraud laundering;

– Criminal law of public activities: offences of probity (corruption, influence peddling, embezzlement of public funds);

– Criminal competition law: abuse of dominant position, fraudulent agreements;

– Criminal law of the press: defamation and insults.

Public business law

– Public procurement and public contracts (calls for bids, termination, litigation);

– Public service law (incumbent/contractual);

– Social Housing.

Property law

– Company taxation: tax advice and engineering, advice and management of a tax audit;

– Wealth management: co-ownership dismantling, financial and real estate investments, tax optimization, estate settlement;

– Social security litigation: disputes with pension insurance organizations (CARSAT, CNAV), social security organizations (URSSAF);

– Rental disputes: termination of civil and commercial leases, evictions.

Disciplinary and administrative sanctions law

– Disputes with Administrations: Tax Administration, Independent Administrative Authority (CNIL, CADA, CSA) and Independent Public Authority (AMF) following accounting verification and home visits, transaction and Judicial Agreement in the Public Interest;

– Disputes with educational institutions (secondary and higher): examination fraud, temporary and final expulsion measures; disciplinary advice and appeals to CNESER;

– Disputes within professional orders and sports federations: disciplinary sanctions (from warnings to dismissals), hearings before the disciplinary board, the national disciplinary chamber, and cassation.

National and international arbitration law

– Commercial arbitration and mediation procedures;

– Arbitration and mediation procedures in the construction industry;

– Consumer arbitration;

– Arbitration in matters of employment and labor regulations;

– International dispute settlement procedures;

– Optional appeal arbitration procedures.

Personal injury law

– Assistance with medical expertise

– Compensation for damage suffered as a result of an accident, whether at work, in a car accident or an assault, before the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, the Criminal and the Commission d’Indemnisation des Victimes (Victims’ Compensation Commission)

– Compensation for personal injury

– Compensation economic loss and any other loss resulting from the injury


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