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Cambacérès Avocat, law firm in Paris for more than 30 years

Bouziane BEHILLIL and his team in Paris

An encyclopaedist of the law, Mr Behillil has advised both private individuals and businesses throughout his career (above all by constantly adapting) in a wide range of areas of law, including business litigation, company law, economic law, contract law, criminal law, directors’ liability, property and construction law and press law.

Co-founder of Société Cambacérès Avocat in November 2014, of which he is the manager and one of the partner lawyers, Mr BEHILLIL is above all a man committed to numerous humanitarian causes and a conscientious, pragmatic professional who is attentive to the needs of his clients. Mr Behillil holds a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in business and taxation and a Master’s degree in business law (Université de Paris Panthéon Sorbonne – Paris 1), as well as a Master of Law in international business, trade and tax law (LLM International Business, Trade, and Tax Law). Alongside his studies, he joined Baker & McKenzie in 1989 as a legal adviser specialising in arbitration law, environmental law and business law. Admitted to the Paris Bar in January 1992, he developed his international business law skills at Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, before setting up his own firm and becoming a partner.

Drawing on his extensive experience in business litigation, he also has expertise in corporate restructuring (equity management, shareholders’ agreements, unwinding of transactions, negotiation, litigation relating to the exit of senior executives, transactions, tax and social optimisation of the exit), mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of combination, equity financing, mezzanine financing, and the purchase/sale of companies, SMEs and major French, European and non-EU corporations.
Working in English, Italian, Dutch and Arabic, Bouziane Behillil advises European, French-speaking, Arabic-speaking and English-speaking clients.

He practises his profession in Europe and North Africa, and is involved in the development and establishment of companies, joint ventures and joint ventures in Algeria, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, Congo and Senegal.

His Arab ancestry and culture make him a partner of choice for negotiations, prevention and amicable resolution of disputes in North Africa and the Middle East.

Cambacérès Avocat, law firm in Paris for more than 30 years


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