Transfer of an intra-european seat

Initially, the free movement of persons concerns mainly natural persons, men and women, and not companies or organizations with legal personality, but European law has evolved, offering more freedom of movement to legal persons.   For companies, does leaving their country mean losing their legal personality?  The answer was given in the Daily Mail judgment of […]

War in Ukraine: economic and legal consequences

Between cancellations, non-payment, delivery delays and others, the war in Ukraine brings back memories of the Covid 19 pandemic which had already disrupted the proper execution of international contracts in 2020. The economic and legal consequences have gone beyond the Russian-Ukrainian borders, impacting trade relations in all four corners of the world…  Whether in direct […]

European competition law vs. U.S. competition lawTION LAW 

One field, two different worlds : the United States and Europe.   In the United States, competition law, or anti-trust law, appeared between the end of the 19th century and the 20th century, with the Sherman anti-trust act of 1890 and the Clayton act of 1914 which completed the legislation by regulating mergers. The Federal Trade […]

The futur of international arbitration

From March 28 to April 1, the Paris Arbitration Week was held, an opportunity to discuss many current issues related to international arbitration. The pandemic episode spared no one, forcing a renewal and alternative dispute resolution methods did not escape it. But what are the future prospects for international arbitration ?  Arbitration, because of its […]

The interview of Mr Bouziane Behillil

Co-founder of the Company Cambaceres Avocats in November 2014, of which he is the manager and one of the associate lawyers, Me BEHILLIL is above all a man committed to many humanitarian causes and a professional conscientious, pragmatic and attentive to the needs of its customers. In this interview he shares the essence of Cambaceres […]

Judicial big data or judiciary big bang?

The cyborg lawyer versus the flesh and blood lawyer At a time where the founders of Predictrice, a young sprout and start-up, have won the pitch competition dedicated to artificial intelligence, whose algorithm analyses legal decisions to save time for law firms, the question arises of the future of the legal professions. This concern is not […]

The GAFA: are they our best enemies?

The grievances that scatter our daily lives against the GAFA Tax optimization…. The National Assembly votedon Monday, April 10th, 2019 to introduce the GAFA tax (Google, Amazon, Facebook et Apple) for the first reading. This tax will apply to companies with a turnover on their digital activities of more than €750 million worldwide and, in France, of […]

Can the offence of insult include all racist statements?

As an extension of Act No. 2017-86 of January 27th 2017 on equality and citizenship, the decree of August 3rd 2017 amending certain provisions of the Penal Code was published in the Official Gazette on August 5th 2017. Born out of a desire to increase the penalties for non-public manifestations of racism, sexism or homophobia, […]

Sudden termination of established business relationships: Is there a need for reform?

The offence of termination of commercial relations has existed since the Galland Law of July 1st, 1996. The idea was to protect “small business” against large distribution. It was therefore a law very strongly marked by the desire to intervene and regulate the economy. Paradoxically, France had a neoliberal Balladur government but with a very electoralist vision […]