Do companies have a soul?

Aristotle described the soul as “the form of an organized body capable of feeding itself, growing and withering away“.

The soul is the very essence of the human being. When we talk about this notion, it is impossible not to think about that of conscience.

In this context, can a company have a soul and as such, be considered a person?

At first sight, it is difficult to imagine a legal person with a soul.

But couldn’t we consider that a physical individual at the head of a company has the ability to give it one and create an identity for it?

Wouldn’t it be possible to make it grow, evolve or run its course?

Some virtues to keep in mind for leaders…

The courage

Some structures foster a climate of fear so that employees do not dare to take of risks or face sanctions or even dismissal.

In the same spirit, we can also think about the whistleblower: a physical individual who reveals or signals, in a disinterested manner and in good faith, a crime or misdemeanour, of which he or she has personal knowledge.

A company that creates such a climate will discourage a person from becoming a whistleblower…

On the other hand, a company that encourages its employees to take risks and act according to their conscience is a company that can be trusted.

Trust and confidence

How many managers have failed to be honest with their employees and have been convicted of corporate property abuse, money laundering…?

The relationship of trust that an executive establishes with his employees is essential to the survival of a company. It also gives it a soul, and opens up dialogue.


Do you also have the image of a manager who deals voluntarily and free of charge with the cases of disadvantaged people?

Beware of appearances! Some executives whose reputations have been damaged do not hesitate to improve their image and handle pro bono cases.

On the other hand, a company with an intact reputation that decides to turn to disadvantaged people to help and support them shows real altruism and a true conscience.

The environment (or context)

What about the stress generated by companies?

In addition to fostering a climate of anxiety, some executives do not hesitate to morally and sexually harass their employees.

This environment is not conducive to the good development of the company and is certainly not conducive to giving it an identity and a good conscience.

Therefore, could we not consider that a company that stands by its employees and respects them while taking into account the different life events they face, has a soul?

So, convinced? Do you think that a company can be considered as a person and as such have a soul although personally, I have never had dinner with a legal entity?